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No "LAND ROVER" left behind.

From the Series 1 in 1948 to the demise of the Defender in 2016. No more will be made.

This site tracks each UK Defender's rate of usage and seeks to track those that are scrapped, stolen or exported overseas. The aim is to ultimately build a picture of as many Land Rovers as possible; seeing as 25-30% were originally based in the UK, this is a good starting point. This will open up the ability to delve into some interesting questions:

  • How many are there still on the road?
  • How rare is my Land Rover?
  • Where is that Land Rover from my childhood?
  • How does this Land Rover I want to buy compare to others?
  • What are the most common MOT failures?
  • Is my Land Rover a genuine example of a special edition?

Latest vehicles for sale

Defender 90 - 3 door station wagon - 300Tdi - RHD P******
land rover defender 90 - county spec - first reg to Land Rover Vehicles
Annual Mileage Estimated Actual
Defender 90 - Pick-up, soft top or hard top - Td5 - RHD X******
Land Rover Defender 90 td5 - Keswick Green
Annual Mileage Estimated Actual
Defender 110 - 5 door station wagon (SW) - 2.2 Tdci - RHD **14***
land rover defender 110 2014 Low Mileage CAT S
Annual Mileage Estimated Actual
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How does this work?

Defenders from eBay appear on this site within a few minutes of them being listed. Advanced pattern matching ensures that all possible vehicles are retrieved from eBay, as well as the removal of false positives, such as 2020 "Defenders".

70% of adverts have the vehicle registration mark (VRM - number plate) visible. This is extracted using ANPR technology and matched against our database of all Defenders. This allows us to bring MOT and mileage history alongside the adverts, as well as a comparative index for each vehicle.

A further 10% of adverts have enough information for us to be able to uniquely identify the vehicle from the database, exposing its history where the VRM is not visible in the advert.

How many are left? presents bulk data on no. of models taxed per quarter.
This site tracks EVERY, SINGLE, INDIVIDUAL Land Rover in the UK; updated daily

Combining DVSA and
DVLA data

These branches of the UK government have different datasets with differing accuracy, which are combined here

More than an MOT checker

Showing MOT history and tax status for a vehicle is one thing. Asking interesting questions of thousands of Land Rovers is much more interesting!

Current records:

  • Defender 156,261
  • Ninety/One Ten 35,168


These numbers are changing all the time as the data is refined. This is NOT the current no. of Land Rovers in the UK. It's more like:

"the number of Land Rovers that have ever existed in the UK built after 1990, or had an MOT or applied for a V5C after 2006 if they were built before 1990"

More in-depth analysis will appear on this site over time.

Recently updated Defenders

2016 Defender 110 - 5 door station wagon (SW) - 2.2 Tdci - RHD

2016 Defender 90 Heavy Duty - 3 door station wagon - 2.2 Tdci - RHD

2016 Defender 110 - 5 door station wagon (SW) - 2.2 Tdci - RHD